Trinity Stones (on FaceBook)
By Grant Tucker
Hants Harbour may have been an Aboriginal Base Camp
(Dating to circa 1000 BC to 2000 BC).

Most Aboriginal Populations followed Seasonal Migrations
(to exploit various Foods in different locations).
Their Travels emanated from Central Locations
(known as Base Camps).
It is likely that the Migrations would be Limited to areas
of about the size of Trinity Bay

In recent years, significant discoveries of CampSites have been found
at the South Bottom of Trinity Bay
(in Stock Cove, on Dildo Island and in Anderson's Cove).
These may have been Seasonal locations on the Migratory Route.

A 'Recent Native' Site is Proven to exist at Custard Head, Hants Harbour.

In the Hants Harbour area, the numerous Stone Mounds (possible Burials),
Rock Walls (possibly Caribou Drive Lanes) and other Structures
suggest a significantly Permanent occupation of the area.
The greatest concentration of these Structures is found in the
Custer's Head and Little Islands locations of Hants Harbour.

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