Avalon Spray Foam Album

Sam supplies Products produced by the Demilec/Cornell Group.
The Demilec/Cornell Group is 100% Canadian Owned
(First to Develop OzoneFriendly Systems which Comply with InterNational Protocols).
These Building Envelope Systems Save Huge Amounts of Energy.

For Info re Avalon Spray Foam Products, visit:
www.sealection500.com and www.heatlok-soya.com
Sam Thornhill

Sam Thornhill
Sam lived his first 13 Years in Fortune (on the Burin Peninsula).
Sam's Family then moved to South Dildo
(where Sam met Susan and the Rest is History B=:] )
Sam and Susan are Raising Two Boys.
Sam is a Certified Installer of Open/Closed Cell Insulation.

SEALection 500:
-is Open Cell semiRigid PolyUrethane Foam
(Environmental Choice Seal.)
-Seals Out Allergens, etc. and REPELS Mold and Mildew.
-leaves NO GAPS;
(Gaps have an R Value of ZERO).
-Strengthens the Building's Structure.
-Cuts Heating Costs by as much as 50%
Wall CrossSection

Provides a Complete Seal between the Wall and Attic Insulation.
Insulates the StudWork also, giving Total Coverage of Walls.
Insulates underFloor Headers and Basement Walls.
(Having Studs Staggered Allows for a Complete Seal also).


40% of a Home's Energy is Lost via Air Leakage.
Spray Foam Insulates 50% better than do other insulations.

PolyUrethane Insulation has an R-value of R7 per Inch Thickness.
Blown FiberGlass has an R-Value of R2-R4 per Inch Thickness.

PolyUrethane Spray Foam is a Green Product
(due to Heat Energy Saved).
Trailor InSide

Spray Foam Insulation is Insect and Fire Resistant.

Leave the Installation to Professionals.

It will save Time, Money and a lot of HeadAches.

Load Barrel

HeatLok Soya Insulation:
-EXCEEDS Air Barrier Requirements by More than 500 Times.
-as a Vapor Barrier, it has TWICE the Seal as Required by the National Building Code.
-is used in the LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Cetification Program.
-Prevents Fungal Growth.