BlakeTown Service Album

BlakeTown Service is near the South End of BlakeTown Straight
Ron Hillier Provides
Maintenance and

Ron Hillier is Owner/Operator/Service Technician
Ron is Originally from nearby Spread Eagle
Ron's Training is from Working (24 Yrs) with a Master Mechanic
In 1994 Ron Built BlakeTown Service
Ron's Dedication to Providing Great Service has kept Ron Busy

Experts recommend, re Brakes:
Signs that you should get Brakes Serviced:
Noises - Squealing and a Grinding
Warning Lights stay on or Pedal is Low or is Pulsing
Spongy Brakes indicate that Air is in the System
Low Brake Fluid can indicate Wearing Brakes
A Brake Flush is a Recommended TuneUp Item
1Wheel Balance
BlakeTown Service provides Tire Services,
(Balancing, Repair, Installation, Rotation)
Experts recommend:
Inspect Inflation and Condition EVERY Month
Check Alignment when Replacing Tires
You may require an ALIGNMENT if:
You hold onto the Steering Wheel to drive Straight
You've just changed the Tires
Steering or Suspension parts are changed

Ron can Custom Bend Exhaust Pipe
Experts recommend:
Inspect Exhaust System Annually/24,000 Km
Check for:
Cracks in Exhaust Manifolds and/or Gaskets
Cracks, Damaged Wires or Blocked InTakes in Oxygen Sensors
Damage to Catalytic Converters, Resonators and Mufflers
Damage to Pipes, Hangers, Clamps and Brackets
Parts that are Hanging from the bottom of your Vehicle.

Ron has Basic Supplies On Hand
and has a Local Auto Parts Shop on Speed Dial
(for Prompt Delivery of Parts).
NAPA Auto Parts

Ron has his First $2 Bill Framed

Experts recommend, re Transmissions:
Replace Fluid and Filter every 2 years/48,000 Km
Flush and Fill to Remove Contaminants
[Your Owner's Manual/DipStick recommend a Fluid]
Replace Transmission Filter when you change Transmission Fluid.