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How It Works
Cansolair Inc. Builds the RA 240 SOLAR MAX Solar Heating Panel
This Panel is made using PowderCoated Galvalume, Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Polycarbonate, for Durability

The Blower Filters 90 Cubic Feet of Cool Air/ Minute
and Delivers Heated Air through 2 Valves
The Panel can be a Stand Alone Heater,
or several can be used on Larger Buildings

Energy Usage: 31 Watts
Heat Energy Output: 12002400 Watts
Jim Meaney

1977: Jim Meaney began his Solar Heating Panel.
1990: Research and Prototypes led to the RA 240 SOLAR MAX.
1992: Received an Award from the Waterloo Innovation Center.
1994: Jim began Manufacturing.
2003: Jim gained an Innovation Award
2008: The Panel is Rated as one of the World's Best
2012: CanSolAir Inc. is Nominated for a Friends of the Earth Energy Award.
Panels in Place

Here are SOLAR MAX Panels that Jim installed
The RA 240 can maintain a Comfortable Temperature
with just 20 Minutes of SunLight/Hr.
The Solar Max produces 1200 - 2400 Watts of Heat from SunShine.
The Solar Max is Proven to Work Well, even at temperatures
as low as -20 Celsius.
Solar Panels increase the Value of your Home.

The Panel can be Mounted Vertically, Horizontally or on the Roof
(The Solar Max Plugs into an OutLet)
The 40 Watt Fan Motor Delivers upwards of 2000 Watts of Heat
The CanSolAir RA 240 Solar Max has Nearly DOUBLE the OutPut of its Nearest Competitor.
Trout R Panels2

These Two Panels are on a School in Trout River, NL.
The Cansolair RA 240 Solar Max provides Year Round Heat
Generates up to 10,000 BTUs.
Quality Engineered to Last for Many Years.
Works Well at Sub Zero Temperatures.
Meets CSA and ULC Standards.
End of House Panel

20 Min. of Blower/Hr gives a Comfortable Room Temperature
so even intermittent Cloudy Days are Productive.
If you can see your Shadow then you are getting Free Heat.
Heat provided by this Unit = Fuel that you do NOT have to Buy.
The Solar Max works anywhere on Earth; even near the Poles!
The Solar Max is the Most Powerful (for its Size) Solar System Available.

CanSolAir Inc. has Available a Self Contained, DC Off Grid Unit
which includes everything for Remote Operation.
It has 2 20 Watt PV Panels, a 17 Ah Gel Cell Battery,
Charge Controller, DC Motor and Relay.