Cavendish Castle Album

Open: M to Sa 8 to 5


Cavendish Building Supplies Ltd. is about 100' from the Road.

The LumberYard is behind the Castle Store.
Estimating Shingles:
Find the the Square Footage to be Covered
Divide by 100 to find the # of Squares on the Roof
It takes 3 Bundles to cover a Square if you use 3Tab Shingles
Add 10% to account for Waste
TarPaper UnderLay:
Use the Square Footage of the Roof
A Roll of #15 Tar Paper covers 4 Squares
Drip Edge. Measure the Rakes and Eaves of the Roof
Nails: At 3 Nails/Shingle, get 240 Nails per Square

Pick your Color
Make the Paint

Paint Estimator:
Add the Length of Walls and Multiply by the Wall Height
Subtract 20 SF per Door & 15 SF per Window
Expect 1 US Gallon of Paint to cover about 350 SF
[New DryWall needs more]

Trim Paint: Multiply Length of Trim by Half, to get SF to Paint.

For Small Concrete Projects, Norm has Sacks of Cement Mix

Concrete Calculator (to make a Cement Mix)
The Mix is a ratio of 1:3:4, Cement to Sand to Coarse
A Common Approach is Bags of Cement/Cubic Yard of Mix Ratio
6 Bag Mix:
6 Bags of Cement, 15 CF of Sand and 20 CF of Coarse
7 Bag Mix: 15 CF of Sand and 21 CF of Coarse

Estimate Rough Lumber: Sketch the Building
Exterior Wall: Needs Plates 3 Times the Total Wall Length
Divide Walls Total Length (inches) by 16 for the Number of Studs
Per Corner: Add 4 Studs

Headers: 2 Pieces 2 x 4 per Header; 2 Pieces 2 x 12 per Header
# Trusses: Length (inches) of Long Sides of Building.
Divide by 16. Add 2.
# PlyWood Sheets: Find the Area of the Walls.
Divide by 32 to get Number of Sheets

HouseWrap Stops Air Leaks and is a Water Barrier
It Breathes to allow Vapor to get to the OutSide
HouseWrap Saves Energy by Stopping Air Movement through Insulation
(Air Moving through Insulation Lowers its R-Value)

Builders who used Felt knew what they were doing.
We now have a Product that can do Better than Felt Paper!


Norm has Pavers to enhance the Feel of your Garden.
Landscape Construction Items:
Natural Stone, interLocking, Retaining Walls and Stairs,
Fencing, Water Features, Irrigation, Drainage and Drain Systems,
Landscape Lighting, Small Landscape Structures, Planting and Lawns.
Eco-Friendly Construction Saves Money.