GROWDAT Farms Inc. Album

Friday to Sunday 10 to 6 (In Season).

GROWDAT Farms has Plots Available For Rent.
A Plot is 50' X 20' (1000 sq ft).
Your Plot is Plowed, Harrowed and Rowed.
Chemical Fertilizer is OK (Organic Preferred).

Growing Fresh Food has SO many Benefits.
The Fresher Produce is, the More Nutrients it retains.
Reduce your Food's Carbon FootPrint by Buying/Growing Local.
Raised Beds are Convenient if you don't have a lot of Space.
Edible Landscaping:
Berry Bushes & Fruit Trees Blend with most LandScapes.

Terry has Starter Vegetables etc that are Ready to Plant.
Start your Plants and Terry & Donna will PotSit them.
Terry & Donna

Meet Terry Dobbie & Donna Bishop.
Terry Bought Reg Legge's 60 Acre Farm in 2006.
Terry is using his Environmental Engineering BackGround
to Build an Organic Farm.

Donna is from Cavendish.
Here, Terry is Checking the Fields and
Donna is Tending to the Local Market.
A Vegetable Garden can be Perfect for your LandScape
Have your Garden in a Sunny Place for Best results
Start with Large Seedlings, for Quick Results,
Look for Seedlings with Healthy Green Leaves (in Large Pots)
and a Sturdy Constitution
Plant Leggy Vegetable Seedlings Deeper
(up to the first set of Leaves)
to provide a Stronger Start outdoors
StrawBerry Hangers
Plant Strawberry Plants in the Spring or in late Fall
Start with a Rich, Organic Soil
Apply Fertilizer (10-10-10) at the Rate of 1lb/100 sq ft
Select Plants with Large Crowns & Healthy Roots
Amend Soil with 2" of Compost
Pinch off all Flowers during the First year in the Garden
As Runners form, Press them gently into the Soil
Do Not sever the Runner from the Mother Plant
Mulch to keep Soil Temperature Cool and to keep the Fruit off Soil
Composter GROWDAT Farms Inc. now has GoldFish!! and Turkeys!!
GoldFish need.......Ask Donna
The 3 things that Herbs need are:
Light, Water and Nourishment
Water Herbs Regularly (Go Light on the Fertilizer)
Turn Pots Frequently to keep Herbs Growing Evenly on all Sides
Wait for Herbs to reach 8" in Height before Snipping
Having Snipped Leaves, wait for GrowBack before Harvesting again
With a Herb Garden Established, start Growing Vegetables!
You'll be a Farmer in No Time!

Donna and Terry Stock a Great Selection of
Herbs and Flowers of Many Species
How to Grow Flowers
Plant Flower Seeds (in Pots InDoors) 6 wks before Last Frost
Wet the Soil before Sowing Seeds so that it's Moist (Not Soaked)
Follow the instructions on Seed Packet for Optimum Planting
Place a Seed Tray in a Window for Warmth & Light
Feed the Plants small amounts of Liquid Fertilizer every other day
Transplant into Larger Pots when the Plants are 5" Tall
Water the transPlanted Flowers and place into SunLight
Plot When Visiting GROWDAT Farms Inc., ask about getting a Plot
How to Grow Potatoes:
Cut Seed Potatoes each into 2+ Pieces, with 2+ Eyes in each Piece
Leave Pieces to Dry on a Paper Towel for at least 24 Hrs
Plant Potatoes Deep enough to be Barely Covered with Soil
Water thoroughly
When the Sprouts get 4" High, add Soil until the Shoot is almost covered
Water thoroughly. Continue to Add Soil as the Plant Grows
When the Leaves are grown to Mature Size, Stop adding Soil
Harvest when the Plant has Withered and the Leaves have turned Brown


Note to Weeds