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Experts recommend, re Batteries:
Inspect Battery, Cables and Belts every 3 Months/6,000 Km
Test Battery every Spring and Autumn
Replace Battery after 3 years (if required)

If you need a new Battery, choose one that:
Meets the Cold Cranking Amps Rating in the Owner's Manual
Is properly held down in the Battery Tray
Has Sufficient Reserve Capacity (RC)
Aaron Hillier

Aaron Hillier is a 4th Generation Hillier Family Business Owner
Aaron is a Journeyman Auto Mechanic since 2004

Aaron and his Wife are Raising Two Children

Ted Hillier
Ted Hillier is a 3rd Generation Hillier Family Business Owner

Experts recommend, re Belts & Hoses:
Inspect every 3 Months/6,000 Km
Replace every 3 to 5 years
If Belts haven't been replaced in 5+ years, replace them
Tensioners/Pulleys should be replaced when a new Belt is installed
When it's time to replace your Hoses, be sure to replace them ALL

Hilliers Garage is a Goodyear Tire Dealer

Experts recommend, re Suspension:
Inspect Shocks, Struts and Chassis Parts Annually.
Replace if Worn or Damaged.
Shocks and Struts should be replaced in Pairs.
Premium Designs optimize Vehicle Control, and Braking.
If you Carry Cargo or Tow a Trailer, get Shocks designed for different Vehicle Ride Heights.

Hilliers Garage is a NAPA Auto Parts Dealer

Experts recommend, re Filters:
Replace Oil Filter at EVERY Oil Change
Replace Air Filters every 12 months/24,000 Km

Internal Filter Structures Vary:
Premium Filters Trap MORE Contaminants.
Change your Air Filter OFTEN - with a Dirty Air Filter, Fuel Economy & Performance Suffer.

Car on Lift
Hilliers Garage has 3 Mechanics on Staff.

Experts recommend, re Fuel Filters:
Clean entire System every 12 months/24,000 Km.
Replace Fuel Filters at least every 2 years/48,000 Km.
Your vehicle may require a complete fuel system cleaning if:
It Shudders while Idling or the Engine Stalls
There's a Hesitation when you Accelerate
Fuel Economy Drops or the Engine's Slow to Start
If a "CHECK ENGINE" Light appears, get Service immediately!!

Hilliers Garage has Basic Supplies in Stock
and NAPA Auto Parts on Speed Dial.