Marchs Enterprises Album

Marchs Enterprises has Plenty of Parking
There is a Bottle reCycle Depot Behind Marchs Enterprises
Roger Reid, from Dildo has Lived in Blaketown since 1980
As Manager of March's Enterprises, Roger can find
just about Anything that you Need,
whether it be for your Boat's Repair, its Maintenance or its Supply
In Recent Years, March's Enterprises has Added
onSite Manufactured Animal Skin Products
Stop by March's Enterprises when you Need
anything from a Brass Nut to a Suit of OilSkins & Jumpers.
How to FiberGlass a Boat:
Remove the Keel (and anything else to Not be FiberGlassed)
Repair Holes. Clean Hull. Rough Sand
Mix Resin/Hardener. Pour into Tray. After 30 minutes, Apply to the Hull
Apply the Resin using a Foam Roller (Spread Evenly)
Cut FiberGlass Cloth to Shape. Attach using Tacks or Staples
Apply a Second Coat of Resin. Apply this Coat over the Cloth
Remove Tacks before the Coat sets up Completely. Apply Fill Coat
Apply a Final (Smooth, Relatively Thick) Coat. Sand the Hull
Let Dry OverNight. Apply Marine Paint.

March's Enterprises has Chain, Rope, Fan Belts,
ABS Fittings, Paint, Spray Paint,
Caulk Sealer, Grinders, Nuts & Bolts (Steel and Brass),
Steel PipeFittings, SafetyWear,
Snaps, Oven Heaters, Trailor Fittings..........

Distinctive SeaLeather Produces a Large Variety
of Leather and Fur Products.
SeaLeather Products are Great Gift Ideas.
ps: I bought a PocketKnife/SeaLeather Case for $10 + HST. 8=:]
Sewing Machine

Distinctive SeaLeather (a Division of March's Enterprises) Products
include Coin Purses, KeyChains, Wallets, BusinessCard Holders,
BookMarks, TroutFly Holders, PassPort Holders, Beaded Bracelets,
NeckLaces, Studded Bracelets, PocketKnife Holders,
Quilter Thimbles, Purses, Guitar Straps.......
Seal Products

........ Hats, Boots, NailClipper Cases, Braided Bracelets,
BowTies, Mitts and can produce almost Anything that you want
in a SeaLeather Product.

How about Car SeatCovers? MotorCyclist Chaps? Suspenders?

Ask Roger about the Possibilities.