NicNaks Album

Open: M to Sa 9 to 6
(Sun. 1 to 6)
(In Season)

Nic Naks Front
We All would Like to be Able to Travel Back in Time.
Visiting 'Harry Green's Store' is Like Experiencing Time Travel.
Visiting NicNaks Presents you with a StoreScape of the Original Front, the Original Counters, the Original Wall Lined Wooden Shelves, the Original Produce Bins, the Original Windows & Doors, Shelves of HomeMade Items, Heritage Items and DownHome Service
Harry Served as Merchant for Most of the 20th century

Lorraine Welsh
Meet Lorraine Welsh (at the Counter).
Lorraine is Born and Raised in Greens Harbour.
Lorraine and Harvey Raised their 4 Children in Greens Harbour

Lorraine's Experiences include Teaching, Odd Jobs and Retail.
Doris Harnum (Lorraine's Mother, in Left Photo) had worked with Harry.
In 1997, Lorraine Bought the Store and has been Operating it ever since.

NicNaks has Walls and Racks of Local KnitWear,
including Mitts, Socks, Sweaters etc.

If Lorraine doesn't have a Knitted Item in Stock,
Chances ARE that she can Find it for You from her 200+ Crafters.

Featured are Sheep Wool Knit Products.

Wall WheelBarrows

Lorraine has a Wall of Pictures
and has Hooked Rugs Available.

Locally Made WhirlyGigs
and other Wooden Products are Available at NicNaks.

Lorraine can find a Variety of Wooden Products for You.
Ask Lorraine about what's Available.
Wooden Items are Gifts that Last a LifeTime.

If you're on a Camping Excursion or just on a DayTrip to the Park,
get Your Splits at NicNaks.

Tartan Doll
Locally Made Newfoundland Tartan Items
let You Take a Piece of Newfoundland Back to the MainLand

Newfoundland JigSaw Puzzles provide a JigSaw Experience AND
HeartWarming Pictures.

Having Morning Coffee, with a Newfoundland Scene Mug
keeps Good Memories Alive

Lorraine has Lots of Items to Remind you of your Trip to Route 80.
IMAGINE going to Harry's to get some Flour, Sugar, etc.
and Harry Scoops it from a Bin, Weighs it and gives it to you in a Paper Bag.
The Bins are Still there!

Though Lorraine doesn't Scoop from the Bins, she WILL get you some Candy from a Big Bottle and Pass it to you in a Paper Bag,
just like in the Old Days!

Lorraine has Many Items, from the Old Days,
that she can Show you and Describe.