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OBrien Tech Computer Repair & Technology Solutions'
fast, friendly and knowledgeable services are second to none!
Our customers are our first priority!
Diagnostics are FREE!
Remember, if they canít fix it, YOU DON'T PAY!!!


Meet Jody & Nicole.
Jody was born in St. Johnís and lived all over
Canada as his fatherís job took them places.
However, Greenís Harbour has always been ďhomeĒ.
Nicole was born and raised in Regina, SK.
They met in Alberta and relocated here with
their two sons in 2009.

OBriens Computer
OBrien Tech has a wide range of services available.
Home computer and technology repairs, servicing,
viruses, malware, slow computer, pop ups
and upgrades are common reasons to visit the shop.
Whether itís your desktop, your laptop, your tablet
or e-reader, OBrien Tech has the tools to diagnose
and to repair the issue, leaving your computer optimized
for performance and running like new!


OBrien Tech tries to complete jobs within a
24 hour time frame.
For jobs requiring parts or more labour it is longer.
Business repairs become TOP priority.
(This includes our Small Business IT Customers)
We make regular and emergency service visits,
to ensure that your business is up and running
when you need it!


OBrien Tech also specializes in the repair and servicing of
iDevices, including iPads, iPods and iPhones.
Whether youíve cracked your screen,
broken your power button, or something isnít
working the way it should Ė OBrien Tech can help!!

OBriens Computer

Stop by OBrien Tech today to see how they can help you.
Their friendly and knowledgeable staff
assure that they can resolve your problems quickly,
thoroughly and properly.
They have a number of items available in stock,
from laptop screens to laptop chargers.
If they don't have it, they can get it for you!

New Front Desk

Stop by ObrienTech to Discover the Possibilities.