Pitchers Pond Golf Course Album
This is a Not-For-Profit 9-Hole, Par 36, 3465 Yd Facility
that is Suited to All Skill Levels.
The Golf Course Borders on Pitchers Pond.
Both the Course and the Pond can be viewed from the Lounge.

Available are Golf Lessons, GolfClub Rentals, Cart Rentals,
a Driving Range, Refreshments and a Banquet Facility.

Get an Analysis of your Golf Swing (on a Phone or Tablet)
Ray Tuck

Meet Ray Tuck, Manager of Pitchers Pond Golf Course.
Ray has Managed the Golf Course since its Opening, in 2005.
Having devoted Many Years to Public Duties,
Ray does the HandsOn Management of the Facility,
on behalf of the Pitchers Pond Board of Directors.

Stop by and let Ray get you Going on a Pleasant Golfing Experience.
Pitchers Pond Golf Course has a Good Selection of Irons Available
Visit the Custom Golf Club Fit Wizard

  • Club Length & Flex
    A Longer Club will hit Further, given the same Swing Speed
    Flex is the Stiffness of the Club
    Associated with Flex, is KickPoint
    Lower KickPoint Shafts help to get the Ball up in the Air
  • Loft & Lie Adjustments
    Loft increases with Iron Number
    A Lie adjustment requires Bending the Iron's Metal
    Carts Pitchers Pond Golf Course has an Ample Supply of Carts Available
  • Club Heads:
    The Shape, Weighting and Inserts OverRide Head Material
  • Graphite Shafts:
    reduce the Weight of your Club, reduce the Shock at impact,
    allow for longer clubs (this is good for distance (maybe not for control)), can be designed to affect Flight to a greater degree than can Steel Shafts
  • Grips:
    Grips are an important parts of a Club; Change Grips often
    Course Start
    A Set of Clubs consists of 3 Woods, 1 Hybrid, 7 Irons and a Putter.
  • Woods are used for Long Shots.
  • Hybrids are a Mix of a FairWay Wood Head and an Iron Shaft.
  • Irons are used when you are Less than 200 yds from the Green.
    The Closer to the Green, the Higher the Iron Number.
  • Wedges are Specialty Irons.
    Pitching Wedge is the Highest Lofted Iron/Lowest Loft Wedge.
  • Putter is for getting the Ball into the Hole.
    Drive for Show, Putt for Dough B=:]
    Tee Deck
    Golf Jargon:
    Head Back Weight: moves Center of Gravity to the Back.
    Bulge: The Curvature that helps give Corrective Spin.
    Cavity Back: Head Weight is distributed toward the Perimeter
    Center of Gravity: The Point in a Head where Balances Intersect.
    Compression: The Hardness of a Golf Ball.
    Driver: The Club used for the First Shot on a par 4 or par 5 Hole.
    Face Insert: A Material in the Center of the Face on a Head.
    Gear Effect: An effect causing a Ball to Vurve back

    Gift Cards Increase your Golf Knowledge as You Relax in the Lounge
    More Jargon:
    Lie: The Angle from the Shaft to the Ground Line
    Lift: Upward Force on a Golf Ball as it Flies
    Loft: The Angle of the ClubFace that affects distance
    Offset: The Distance from the Hosel to the Blade
    Sole Weighted Iron: A Head with a Lower Center of Gravity
    Strong Loft: A Club with Less than Standard Specification
    SwingWeight: A Club’s Weight Distribution around a Fixed Fulcrum Torque: Measure of a Shaft’s Resistance to Twisting
    Trampoline Effect: A Club Face designed to Flex upon Ball Impact Trouble Club: Clubs used to play the Ball from a Difficult Lie