Treasure Trove Album
Treasure Trove Entrance

The Treasure Trove Entrance is toward the
North Side of the Cooper Building.
The Treasure Trove Ships Items via Canada Post
Phone, eMail OR Contact Lynette via her Facebook Page.
Select an Item(s), Provide your Visa or MasterCard # and
your Address and Lynette will have your Package
in the Mail ASAP!!

The Treasure Trove has a Full Store of Gift Ideas.
Lynette Lives in Dildo with her Husband and Daughter.
She Moved there from Whitbourne.
Lynette Completed a Clerk Accounting Course
at the CNA in Placentia.
After having Worked at her Trade for a Few Years,
Lynette Decided to Take the Plunge
into Building a Business of her Own.
Here, Lynette is Accepting an Order
of LocallyPainted Glassware (from Bellevue).

Here's another way to Tie a Scarf

The Treasure Trove has a Variety of Wardrobe Style Items,
such as Hats, Jewellery, Scarfs etc.

Put some Butterflies onto that Bare Wall.

The Treasure Trove is an OutLet for LocallyMade KnitWear.


Labradorite Gems.

The Treasure Trove has an Assortment of
Ladies Bags, Scarves, Jewellery, etc. also.

Reversible Hats (For Ages 6 months to 4 years)

The Treasure Trove has a TreasureChest
of Shells and Beach Gems also.

Practical Scarf Hangers
The Treasure Trove has a Good Selection of
Decorative Candles which are Great Gift Ideas.

Stop In when You're in the Area.