BlakeTown is at the South End of Route 80.
BlakeTown (By The Lake Town) has its Roots dating to:

The Great Depression.
Due to the Increase in the Value of the Dollar, FisherMen received Fewer Cents/lb for Fish.
Prices at Businesses didn't adjust accordingly, leading to severe economic hardship for Fishermen.
The Government Sponsored Farming Regions, including Blaketown.
People moved from the Conception Bay area, to partake of this Opportunity.
This is seen in the number of Dawes, Mercers etc in BlakeTown.
In the years since the Great Depression, the Farming Operations diminished to practically Zero.
As BlakeTown is on the Highway, Service Businesses emerged.

Sandy Point (aka Russells Point) Beothuk Site
The Sandy Point Beothuk Site is a discovery by William Gilbert and Ken Reynolds, in 1988.
Gilbert and Reynolds sought a Beothuk Camp, as described by John Guy and Henry Crout.
Sandy Point had been a Winter Camp for Beothuk People, from about 1000 AD to about 1660 AD.
History Boards and an Interpretation Centre are at the Site.
Artifacts are at South Dildo's Whaling and Sealing Museum.

The Lake is Dildo Pond.
Dildo Pond is named as such because of its eLongated Shape.
The adjective 'dildo' is from the Iberian Peninsula; it describes anything that is eLongated.
In the 1500s, the Spanish/Portugese Explorers named an eLongated Cactus the Dildo Cactus.
Explorers named an eLongated island (now in the EverGlades National Park, Florida) Dildo Key.

The eLongated bolt, that extends from the Mast Ring to the Keel, is named the Dildo Bolt.
The eLongated pegs that are used as OarLocks, on a Small Boat, are referred to as Dildo Pegs.
The eLongated island, in Trinity Bay, named Dildo Island, has its name dating to the 1700s.
It isn't until 1965 that a person, in California, named a Toy after the Dildo Cactus.