The History of Dildo Cove
The Dildo area has a history of Habitation, going back to 2000 BC
when Maritime Archaic people resided nearby at Anderson's Cove.

In 1613, Henry Crout came into contact with the Beothuks,
who were residing on what has since been named Dildo Island.
He traded with them and left Gifts.

Dildo traces its Modern Roots to the 1700s,
when Fishing Families moved from the Trinity area.
These Families lived on the Islands, to live apart from the Native People onShore

In 1711 the inhabitants of Trinity Bay were ordered to leave their homes
to defend themselves against the French, who burned their houses.
This Island is one of the places designated for this purpose.

Dildo Island became named (in the mid 1700s) for its Elongated Shape
(dildo, [Adj., from Spanish]).
Later, when the Native Peoples left the Area,
the Families moved to the cove, naming the cove St. Phillips.
The cove had been called Durrells' Cove for a while
Later, when the Durrell Family moved away,
the cove became named Dildo Cove, after the name of the nearby Island.