The Dobbie Name History
This is a variant of the name Dobb, which derives from
the medieval given name "Dobbe", a pet form of Robert, (Old English "Hrodebert").
This name was particularly popular with the Normans,
with 2 previous Dukes of Normandy being known as "Robert the Devil" and
"Robert Curthose", (a reference to his simple dress).
In the case of Dobinson, this is the Son Of form of the name.
Other variants include, Dobbinson, Dobbison, Dob(b)ie, Dob(b)y, Dobey, Dobson, Dopson.
Two early recordings of the name in London are
Elizabeth Dobinson (1683) & Benjamin Robinson (1689).
The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be
that of John Dobynson (1379, in Yorkshire)
during the reign of King Richard II, aka "Richard of Bordeaux", (1377-99).
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