The Gosse Name History
Recorded as Goce, Goss, Gosse, Goose, etc., this is an English surname,
but of Norman French origins.
It has several possible origins including a derivation from a French
personal name "Gosse", itself a short form of the name Gocelin with the
first element meaning Good.
In England it is associated with the West Country, where there are recordings
in Devon and Cornwall.
It is possible that the name may have originated as the name meaning GooseHerder.
A notable bearer of the name is Sir John Goss
(1800 - 1880), musical composer, and organist of St. Paul's Cathedral (1838-1872).
In 1876, he received a Doctorate of Music Degree from Cambridge U,
and composed many anthems, including one for Wellington's Funeral.
The first recorded spelling of the name is Hugo Gosse (1202, in Lincolnshire).
This is during the reign of King John, 1199-1216.
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