The Green Name History
This is one of the most widespread of English surnames.
It is of pre 7th c origins and is from the word grene meaning Green.
It may be of a person living by a Green or in a place called Green.
The surname can be of Irish origins, or a translation of the Gaelic given name "Uaithne".
As this also means Green, it probably has the same origin as the English form.
Examples of early recordings include:
Richard de la Grene (Norfolk 1200);
William Grene (Yorkshire in 1230;
Robert Othegreen, and
Henry on the Green (Worcestershire, in 1274).
Among distinguished namebearers are Charles Green (1785-1870)
who made the first ascent with a Hydrogen Gas Balloon in 1821.
The first recorded Spelling is Geoffrey de Grene (1188, in Kent)
during the reign of King Henry II (1154 -1189)
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