Heart's Content Cable Station

Hearts Content has one of the Deepest Harbours in the Province.
In 1866, Cyrus Field chose the Town to Land a transAtlantic Cable.
In 1866, the Great Eastern landed the Cable, marking a beginning of such Communication with Europe.
The Station was a Center of the Western Union Cable System.

Five more Cables were laid (between 1866 and 1894) and the teleGraph Station at Heart's Content remained in operation until 1965.
On the Shore near the teleGraph Station, you can see some of the Cables in the water.

This Town remained a Global Communications Hub for over a Century.
Exhibits recreate an 1870s Cable Office and capture how the Cable Station changed over its Years.
The Communications Room is a TimeCapsule of pre-microChip Days.

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Mizzen Heritage Museum
Here is History in Photos, Artifacts, and Models (the Kyle, the Cable Ship and Trains).
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The Mizzen Trail
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