Hearts Content History
1612 - John Guy mentions the Harbour in 1612.
1697 – The Settlement surrenders to the Pirate, d'Iberville.
One of the Pirates, Abba Baudoin, called the place Havre Content.
The French then traveled to Carbonear to harass Planters there.
(the Planters escaped to Carbonear Island).
1700 – Census records 35 Families, 5 Fishing Stages and 7 Boats.
1783 – A BoatYard employs 100 men.
1823 – The Society for the Propagation of the Gospel School opens.
(Thomas Parker,Teacher)
1855 – Hearts Content chosen as the Landing Site for the transAtlantic Cable.
1858 (August 5) – The Cable, connecting to Valentia, Ireland, Lands.
(Due to a malFunction, it Shut Down on October 20, 1858)

Other Cables Land: 1866, 1873, 1874, 1880 & 1894.

1862 – Rev. George Gardner Founds the Fisherman’s Society
1873 – Fisherman’s Society becomes the Society of United Fisherman.
1870s – The Methodists build a School.

The Cable Station is the 1875-76 Building and an extension added in 1918-19.
At the Station, are exhibits re 100 years of Communications Technology.
An 18-Minute Film about the Cable is shown in a Theatre OnSite.
At the Station, Guides are dressed as Office Workers, of 1918.

1880s – Population is 1,200.

1915 – Hearts Content is Linked by RailWay with Conception Bay.
The AND Company ships, via Hearts Content, NewsPrint from Grand Falls.
1918 – The Station houses the AngloAmerican Telegraph Co. & Western Union
1920 – A Hydro Power Plant is built by the Public Service Electric Company.
1930s – The decline in Fish Price (paid to FisherMen) ends ShipBuilding Operations.
1932 – The United Towns Electric Company buys the Hydro Power Plant.
1935 – Anglo Development Company Stops using the Port.

This Loss drastically reduces the Economic Base of Hearts Content.

1960 – The Power Plant becomes part of the Avalon Power Grid.
1967 – Heart’s Content is incorporated as a Local Improvement District.
1965 – The Cable Building closes.
1968 - The Cable Building is bought by the Government and becomes a Museum.
1974 – The Communications Museum Opens.

2001 Census:
Population: 495
Land area: 62.81 Sq Km (24.25 Sq Mi)

Cable Station Historic Site
(800-563-6353) (709-583-2160)
Off Season: (709-729-0592)
Season: June 1 - June - Oct
P.O. Box 8700, St. John's, NL, A1B 4J6

The Mizzen Heritage Society produces Exhibits to educate re Local Heritage.
The Collection encompasses the Fisheries, the RailWay and Shipping Industries.
The Museum has a Photo Exhibit, Walking Tours, WashRooms, a Picnic Area,
Parking, Hiking Trails and a LightHouse nearby.

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The first Church of England Service here is by Rev. Robert Kilpatrick, (1730)
The Clergy of Trinity Ministered to the peoples of Trinity Bay.
In 1814, Heart's Content built a Church.