Hillier Name History
The History of the most ancient Anglo/Saxon surname of Hillier
reaches far into the chronicles of the Saxon Race.
The Saxon Chronicle is compiled by Monks in the 900s.

Different spellings are: Hilliard, Hilyard, Hillard, Hildheard, etc.

The Saxons were invited into England by the Britons of the 300s.
The Saxons settled in Kent on the SE coast of England.

Hillier emerged as an influential name in the county of Yorkshire.
They descend from Robert Hilheard of Normanby (Yorkshire in 1109).
Robert was Lord of the Manor of Normanby.
The Family Branched to Patrington in Yorkshire, Wynestead
and the East Horsely in Surrey.
They Branched to Flintham in Nottingham
where Thomas Hildyard was High Sheriff of Nottingham.

During the years of Cromwell, many families Migrated.
Hilliers sailed aboard the huge Armada known as the "White Sails".
These Crowded Ships (such as the Hector, the Dove, and Rambler)
were pestilence ridden; many of the passengers never reaching their destination.

Migrants include Richard Hellier, in St. John's Nfld in 1763.
(Courtesy of Peter Hillier, Rugby, England). Read More:Hillier