The Jackson Name History
Jackson is formed from Jaques or John,
(meaning "God has favoured me with a son").
The name is introduced by Crusaders from the Holy Land (1100s).
Early recordings include Wm Jagge and Robert Jacke (1251 and 1302).
Medieval examples include: Adam Jakson (1351)
Willelmus Jacson or Jackson (1379)
and Andrew Jacson (1409).
An early settler in the New World is Henry Jackson,
who left from London on the Ship "Elizabeth and Ann", bound for Virginia (1635).
"Stonewall" Jackson (182463) is a General of the American Civil War.
Andrew Jackson (176745) is the 7th President of the USA (182937).
Jackson defeated the Creeks at Horseshoe Bend (1814),
and the British at the Battle of New Orleans (1815).
He became a national hero when he defended New Orleans in 1815.

The first recorded spelling of the name is Adam Jackessone
(1327 in Suffolk) during the reign of King Edward III of England, 1327-1377.

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