The History of New Harbour
New Harbour traces to the mid 1700s, when Families moved here from the Trinity area.
The Families sold their Fish Catches to the Benjamin Lester Company, of Trinity.
In the Early 1800s, 3 Newhook Brothers built a ShipYard in the Cat Cove area of New Harbour.
This prospered until the Dirty 30s and Lowering Demand for Sailing Ships Doomed the Enterprise.

The Newhook Family descends from Charles W. Newhook (1751-99), Master ShipBuilder,
who moved from Dorset, England, in 1777, to work at the Benjamin Lester Premises, in Trinity.

The ShipBuilding Industry had harvested MastWood from the nearby White Pine Forest.
The Forests became Destroyed by the passing Coal-Fired Trains
igniting Forest Fires along the way.
The Burnt Over Land is now covered with much smaller Forests and BlueBerry Areas.

As the population increased, New Harbour's Industry Base increased.
Merchants (Newhooks, Woodmans, etc) brought Services to New Harbour.

Other Means of Sustenance included Berry Picking, the PotHead Drive,
BackYard Farming, Wood Cutting, SawMilling, Rum Running etc.

The earliest settlement, by Europeans, in New Hr, are a few people who lived on the West side,
near Squish Pond/Squish Mish, during the mid 1700s.
Various families settled in New Hr., each in its own Room.
A Room is a few Acres of Land where Sons, GrandSons etc built their Homes.
For example, in Thornes' Room, Generations of Thornes have built homes there.
Early Family names include:
Williams, Newhook, Higdon, Woodman, Pollett, Cranford, Hillier, Hefford, George, Thorne, etc.

In the days of Church Operated Education, New Hr had several schools:
St.Augustines Elementary and St Georges High were built by the Anglican Church.
The United Church had a school near its Church Building.
The Salvation Army built both Woodland Elementary and Woodland High.

St.Augustine's Church is constructed after St. George's Church blew down, in the 1880s.

The peoples of Scilly Cove (Winterton) to New Harbour created their own Mission in 1827.
On Feb 24th, 1886, the Parish Rectory in Heart's Content caught Fire.
All of the Church Records from 1827 to 1886 were lost in less than an hour.

Except for Family Bibles and personal Writings, it is impossible to find Records for (1827-86).

New Hr. has had and has a variety of Businesses.
These include 18 General/Grocery Stores, a Furniture Manufacturer, 2 Mink Ranches,
3 BarbourShops, a Rabbit Raising Farm, a Shoe Hospital, an Ostrich & Emu Farm,
2 Fish Plants, a Barrel Manufacturer, 4 Snack Bars, an Auto Body Repair Shop,
2 LiveStock Operations, a SlaughterHouse, a Butcher Shop, several Hair Salons,
3 Excavation Services, a Poultry Farm, an Art Studio, a SuperMarket, 2 Gas Stations,
2 Beer Parlours, a Hotel, a Hydro Line Service, several Trout Bait Operations,
a Mobile Crane Service, a Courier Service, a TopSoil Pit, 2 Bakeries,
a Custom Clothing Manufacturer, a General Builder, 3 Auto Repair Shops,
2 Clothing Stores, a Medical Clinic, a Pharmacy, a GiftShop/Diner, 2 Seniors Homes, etc.

Artifacts have been found, Linking the New Harbour area to the Dorset People,
the Maritime Archaic People, and to the Beothuk Peoples of 4,000 to 5,000 years ago.

Population (2006) 930