New Perlican (inc 1978) has a Winter Population of about 250; Summer 400.
The Town has 2 Churches and 2 Church Halls that have served as Schools.
It has Organizations including the Anglican Church Women, United Church Women, LOBA, Firemen, Royal Canadian Legion Branch 6, and Loyal Orange Association.

The census of 1996 Lists the population of New Perlican at 252.

There are various Legends re how the Town received its Name.
One is that the people are said to have come from Old Perlican.
This new community became New Perlican.

Another is that Perlican is derived from 'Pelican'.
The Pelican is said to be a good Bird for catching Fish.

Many Battles were fought to gain control of New Perlican.
At the Entrance to the Harbour, where Battles took place, is called "Bloody Point".

In 1697, Abbe BEAUDOIR, Chaplain to General Pierre LeMoyne d'Iberville, wrote:
"Feb. 9: We went to New Perlican where we found just 9 Settlers,
There are many Cattle."

The French moved on to Heart's Content.
There they found 30 men and their Families.
The French took over the Fort and stationed Soldiers there.
Many of the men were taken, as Prisoners, to Placentia.
The Fort became destroyed by Fire.
After the French left, the Settlers went back to their Homes
and tried to protect against the pirates who
prowled Trinity Bay and other parts of the Coast.

One Pirate, Peter Easton, tried in Vain to capture New Perlican.
The lookout he used is known as "Peter's Finger".

In 1885, the People of New Perlican wanted to build a new Church.
They were given Title to a piece of Land and Money to build a Road to the Site.

On January 1st, 1886, the CornerStone was Laid.
The 2900 Sq Ft Church Opened on June 29th, 1886, St. Augustine's Day.