The OBrien Name History
This Clan, bearing the Titles Earls of Thomond, Viscount Clare and
Earls of Inchiquin, takes its name from
Brian Boru (941 - 1014), High King of Ireland, (killed at the Battle of Clontarf).
A Powerful Irish Clan, the O'Briens divided into several branches
and established themselves throughout Munster.
The O'Briens of Ara (north Tipperary) had as their Chief Mac Ui Bhriain Ara, (c 1300).
Those of County Limerick gave their name to the Barony of Pubblebrien.
Another clan was located near Dungarvan, County Waterford.
In the Annals of Innisfallen, the O'Briens appear more often than any other Clan.
Murrough O'Brien (died 1551) is the first Earl of Thomond.
Charles O'Brien, 6th Viscount Clare (1699-1771), became a Marshal of France.
William Smith O'Brien (1803-64), is one of the best known of the Young Irelanders.

The first recorded Spelling is O'Brien (c 1055) during the reign of High Kings of Ireland 1022-1166.
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