The Reid Name History
This is a surname of some controversy.
Recorded spellings include Reid, Read, Reade, Reed, Red and Redd,
it has at least 3 possible origins.

1: It may derive from the Olde English word "read" meaning Red,
and as such was probably nationalistic for an Anglo-Saxon,
as these people were often Red Haired.
Early examples may include William Red in Gloucestershire (1176).
and Gilbert le Rede of Coul, Scotland (1296).

2: The name is Locational from places such as:
Read in the county of Lancashire, from the Olde English word
roegheafod, meaning the Land occupied by Deer, or
Rede in Suffolk, deriving from the word hreod, meaning
Reeds as grown in a river; or
the village of Reed in Hertfordshire, from the word ryht,
meaning BrushWood.
Ralph de Rede is recorded in Hertfordshire in 1203.

3: The name is TopoGraphical from the Olde English
ried and describes somebody who lived in a Clearing.
Roger de la Rede is noted in Devonshire (1208).
Joseph Reid (1843-1917), of Ayrshire, is the inventor
of the Reid Oil Burner, which did so much to advance
the Oil Industry in the United States.
The first recorded spelling of the family name is
Leofwine se Reade (1016 in Kent) during the reign of
King Canute, 1016 - 1035.

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