The Rowe Name History
This Ancient surname is English.
It has 2 possible origins.
1: It may have described a person who lived by a HedgeRow.
It derives from the Olde English word "raw" meaning Row.

2: More likely, it may derive from the ancient Germanic name Rolf,
or from a short form of the given name Rowland, a Germanic or Frankish
personal name of the time of
Charlamagne the Great in the 700s AD.

Rolf means as reKnowned Wolf.
Rowland means reKnowned Land.
The surname in England is 12th century,
making it one of the very first of all surnames.
Early recordings include Richard le Rowe (Cheshire in 1226)
and Walter le Rowe (Essex in 1246).
Early surviving examples of Church recordings include
Gedeock Rowe (1552 in London) and
William Rowe (1556 at St. Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey).
The first recorded spelling of the name is that of Geoffrey le Ruwe
(1195, in Leicestershire) during the reign of
King Richard 1st of England, aka "The Lionheart", 1189 - 1199.
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