The Thornhill Name History
This surname is from a number of places called "Thornhill",
so called from the Old English words "thorn" Thorn and "hyll" Hill,
hence a Hill overgrown with Thorn Bushes.
Tornehelle (1086 in Wimborne),
Thornhulle (1291 in Wiltshire),
Thornhull (1320 in Derbyshire),
Thornhulle (1377 in Dorset),
Water de Thornhulle (Somerset in 1327)

Sir James Thornhill was a Painter employed by Queen Anne
at Hampton Court, Greenwich and Windsor and also
painted Portraits of Sir Isaac Newton.
The first recorded Spelling of the name is John de Tornhill
(1212 in Yorkshire) during the reign of King John, 1199 - 1216.
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