The Tuck Name History
This surname is of pre 7th century Norse-Viking origin.
It is from the Scandinavian name Thorketill.
This surname is a compound of the Divine name Thor,
the Viking God of Thunder
and "ketill", meaning a Pot.

Amongst the earliest recordings are:
Askyl Tokes, 1050, in the time of King Edward of England,
aka "The Confessor".
Tukke, given as being an IronWorker (Norfolk, 1101).
In Scotland a man called Tocca (Glasgow in 1136) is recorded
in a Charter by King David I.
Other recordings include Peter Tuck (London in 1278) and
Symone Tok (Aberdeen in 1281).
The first recorded Spelling is Robert Tucke (1202 in Norfolk)
during the reign of King John of England, (1199-1216).
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