The Vokey Name History
In a Search of Ancient ManuScripts (The Doomsday Book (1086 AD)) etc., we find
the name Vokey in Essex where they had been from Ancient times.
The family moved North to Scotland (c 1200) to escape the Norman OverLords.
The surname was also spelt Vocat, Voket, Woket, Wokey, Wokete, Wookey.
These changes in Spelling frequently occured, even between Father and Son.
There is one record, of a Father and 8 Sons; all 9 have different Spellings of Vokey.

By 1066 King Harold came to the Throne of England.
The Norman invasion found many LandOwners Lose their Land to Duke William.
Some moved North to the MidLands, Lancashire and Yorkshire, even into Scotland.
Vokey emerged in the County of Aberdeenshire.
The name is in the Channel Islands of Jersey, spelt Vokey (in Devon as Voghay).
Vokeys Flourished and played significant Roles in the Political Development of England.
During the 16th, to 18th centuries, Puritanism, etc. Forces shed much Blood.
Vokeys are among the many who Sailed aboard the White Sails Armada.

Among Settlers is William Vokey who settled in Spaniard's Bay, in 1775.
Thomas settled in Western Bay in 1783.
Philip in Port de Grave in 1787.