Winterton History
Winterton is originally named Scilly Cove (after the Scilly Islands).
In 1675, there had been 3 Fishing Enterprises here, from the West Country of England.
The Fish would be Salted in Stages, Dried on Flakes (Racks) and shipped to England in the Fall.
The 3 Fishing Captains and Crews made a population of fewer than 100.

The next record of settlement in Winterton is in the 1697 Journal of Jean Baudoin, a priest who had accompanied d'Iberville, the Pirate.
At Scilly Cove, he listed 4 houses, which the Pirates destroyed before they departed.
(The Settlers had fled the Community to escape the Pirates)

In 1912 the Name changed from Scilly Cove, to Winterton, for Sir James Spearman Winter,
former PM of Nfld.
In 2006, the Town had a population of approximately 500.

The Winterton Community and Boat Building Museum has Boats, Tools and Axe Hewn Timbers.
The small Boats are built using Local Timber and Tools of designs Traced to Saxon England.
Winterton has Camping Facilities and a Hiking Trail nearby.
Hike to the Top of SugarLoaf Mountain, the Highest Land on the Bay de Verde Peninsula.